The Indonesian Farmer Union protest and gives attitude about Agriculture Indonesia
condition in BPN office (the Land National Agency), Jakarta,
on September 24, 2001 (TEMPO/Imam Wahyudi)

Land for Justice and Walfare

”WE ready to began land reform,” said The Head of The Land National Agency (BPN) Joyo Winoto several last days. BPN planned land reform will began in Blitar, East Java. The Indonesia government will distribution land about 2151 hectare to give for 12.001 poor residents in 27 villages and five subdistricts

In the schedule planned by BPN, the government will allocate land about 8,15 million hectare to distribution for 17 provinces, 104 regencys. That land from forest convertion production area.

The government also will allocated land about 1,1 million hectare from another resources such as from overload maximum land, absentee land has appointed by constitutions but distribution didn’t yet, state land has finished right, and the utilization didn’t accordanced with instruction on giving the right, as well as the land that physically and the law was neglected.

Land reform is one strategy to get social justice for all Indonesian people must get support for all stakeholders. That program is relationship to develop our country is not governmenet responsible, but must be handle to all component, expecially non government organization, academic, development land activist, rural and farmer community. Joyo said, land reform not only land distribution. But, more important is to arranged politic and land law for social justice all the Indonesian people.

Therefore, the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must be leader in the land reform program. The President have been appointed will stage allocate about 8,15 juta hectare land.

BPN also was discussed with Comission II The People’s Representative Council, The supreme court, The Coordinator Minister for Economy, The Coordinator Minister of People Walfare, The head of the National Planning Body, The Minister of Forestry, The Minister of Agriculture, The minister of defence and security, The TNI commander, The Head of Indonesia Police, and etc.

”I also communication with NGO, land reform community, and farmer community. Everyone must include in process,” said Joyo.

The Council Of Land Reform

BPN will arranged land law problems by one special institution that is The Council of Land Reform leader by President, The Head Of BPN be The chief executive, while is members are several minister in Cabinet. In province level, that institution led by The governor and the Regent for regency area.

The Council, must responsible to make policy, control, monitoring and evaluation. Biside that, will be desain the The management and land reform Funding in province, regency and the subdistrict.

BPN also will carry out land reform plus, that is land reform and assets reform given directly to the people.

Land reform was a distribution or the land fee to the people was based on UU. Assets reform was government efforts to give the road, and the mechanism to the people in order to receive the land to live.

He added, in reforma agriculture, also must be stressed to capital, technology, assistance, market, and development of community’s capacity.

The land reform also must find solution to answer subtansial society problems like jobless, poverty, land conflict, asset consentration, imbalance in ownership of the land, degradation of environment, susceptible food and domestic energy.

The problem must be overcome by completing his root. If not, the structural problem could not resolved.

The land reform more focused subtancial problems so can answered all problems. Joyo said, subtancial problems ini Indonesia is poverty, and about 66 percent on rural areal and 56 percent on agriculture sector.

If not immadetly handle, that problems can be more complicated in rural society so they are more interest moved to city. ”Why rural society poor, because they aren’t have economic asset like land, market, capital, assistance, and development capacity, etc.”

Secrataris General the Consortium of Agriculture Reform (KPA) Usep Setiawan supported land reform, because the people have been long time waiting government distribution land for make people live be better.”Land reform is strategy program to answer people problem about land and walfare resource others,” he said.

But, he remaided, as one big program, land reform must invitation stakeholder like land expert, the community representation people, like representasi organisasi rakyat seperti the Union Farmer Community. Land reform implementation also must led by President.

But, Usep didn’t yet looked commitmen from another minister like The minister of Agriculture, The Minister of Forest, The Minister of Energy and Mining, and The Minister of middle small businesses. But, he belived if land reform can be maximal if on guide line from President.

He also said, the public must know about desain and land reform model. The government also explained stage process in implementation, and give capital for farmer whose got new land so they can used land for productive orientation. “So, land not for sale.”

M. Yamin Panca Setia


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