Storm is shaking The Indian Ocean

The Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) estimated, high wave on the south territory coast the Javanese island still continuing for this week. The height of the wave revolving between 8-12 foot or around 2-4 metre.

“The high wave happened resulting from wind strong pressure still big potential be happen from the West Coast Sumatra, South Javanese Coast, Bali and the West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) and East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Coast,” said the Head of Sub Information Climate and Agroclimate BMG, Soetamto, last night (19/5).

According to him, centre of wind around on Indian Ocean. Not only Indonesia, but the coast in other country involved the Indian Ocean like Australia, wave took part be high.

”The wind was strong around Indian Ocean because the low pressure that triggered the strong wind that caused the rise in the wave.”

Soetamto explained, several sea would be the high wave almost equitable beginning with Aceh, south Indonesian territory as far as NTT. Potencial high wave more higher. But, BMG could not estimate when the strong wind will be blow because fluctuatly. ”Very depended on the pattern of movement pressure moving daily till a week.

He reminded, when the wave was still high, any one must avoided if will to activity around the coast. He added, also been reminded be on the alert.

”Voyage also be careful. But it isn’t not be forbidden to sail. The ship also depend tonnage. Big tonnage, although being high wafe could not problem.,” he said.

But, for fisherman, Soetamto warned more be careful if will go to sea.

The high wave yesterday struck various territories. The terorrories are in the south West Javanese Coast (Cianjur, Pangandaran, Garut, Pelabuhan Ratu, and Tasikmalaya), West Sumatra, Banda Aceh, East Java, and Bali.

In latest information, being reported overnight, in Banda Aceh as many as 1,823 residents fled resulting from the high wave in Meuleboh.

The resident from four Johan Pahlawan villages of the Subdistrict territory, Meulaboh, Kabupaten Aceh Barat was forced evacuated resulting from the wave of pair sea that continued to rage.

About the big wave in the south Javanese coast, The Head of Date and Stasiun Geofisika Information (BMG) Yogyakarta, Tyar Prasetyo, said, the big wave with the wind speed above 15 knot still happened in the territory till the next two days.

Therefore, activity in sea ought must be avoid. This high wave, continued Tyar, caused also by difference of atmospheric pressure in west Australia and South Lampung.

In west Australia, atmospheric pressure very high reached 1,019 milibar, whereas in south Lampung was very low, only 1,008 milibar.

He explained, the wind that flowed from south-east or west Australia headed to the side of to Lampung caused the wind speed above 15 knot, so as to result in the increase in the high wave all along south Javanese sea with height 2,5 metre-4 metre

Whereas being related to waters around Bali, the phenomenon was considered as the strong pressure the east wind (storm surge) from Australia during entered this dry season.

The east wind is normal phenomenon, but indeed more must be guarded against by community, tourists, fisherman and big ships must remembered his intensity really variatif,’’ the Head Information of the Date BMG Territory of III Denpasar, Sutrisno.


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