The student from Forkot carried out procession by motorcycle when demonstration demanded SBY-JK descended from President and Vise President, Salemba, Jakarta, on Tuesday, March 20 2007. (TEMPO/Fransiskus S)

Reorientation of Student Movement

Must be State-People Power

The colective of student movement have been losing spirit after student dropped the regime Soeharto in 1998. Different ideology and politic or segmented orientation believed as one factor movement student became spring.

Several leaders of movement student also admitted difficulty to develop collective strength like 1966 and 1998. The strength could from movement student could break Soekarno anad Soeharto regime because failed bringing democracy in this country.

Resistance towards ruler’s authoritarian regime is big momentum for student to move. At this time, student not yet found same momentum like 1998 or 1966 story.

Therefore, the movement of student have been changing tactics. The orientation of student movement no longer must break regimes.

Achmad Fatul Bari, Chairman Excutive Student Institution (BEM), University of Indonesian said, after 1998, the movement of the student still is not oriented broke a regime like that was carried out in 1966 and 1998. However, the movement of the student more fought for the fulfilment of economic rights, social and the community’s culture. The student must more stressing educational right, health, food, and appropriate life.

“It must become student movement issues,” Achmad said in Jakarta yesterday.

Achmad said, reform era today was make changed politics climate in Indonesia.

The infrastructure of democracy has also constructed.

Therefore, Achmad said, the student movement must carry out transformation in various rumours. Form of movement must be no longer defined parliamentary model, but could also advocacy and changed elitist movement became open movement and widening network.

The similar matter was also explained by Hery Haryanto Azumi, General Chairman the Islam Indonesia Student Movement (PMII). According to him, when the New Regime, reality emerged if contry be strong, but people be weak. Therefore, student moved destroyed arbitrary of government ruler.

At this time, the paradigm must be change. The student movement must thinking about how brought country be strong to protect the national interests and could be faced with global liberalism.

Country strong can be guide to bring welfare state so as Indonesia could pursue from left behind with other country.

Therefore, he said, PMII with the movement community and other student movement continued moved to discuss if movement must not antagonistic.

“We must reinforce people to achieve welfare, and reinforce the country for faced liberalisme,” he stressed.

Hery considered, student movement didn’t lose spirit until now. The student movement still representative people.

In liberalism era, he said, student movement no longer opposes toward country, because in free market economy, democracy today, the country not as only actor.

”We knew about market. While the country often became part of the market regime, that caused people weak.”

Therefore, student must be able to become bridge between people and country, so that lest the country can used to the press market.

PMII not only interact with politicians’s circle. But also with professional circle as one of decisive parts fell or got up the government.

”So, movement must reposition to face globalisation and liberalism, so as no longer could apply approach and struggle tactics like 1998.

But, Hery said, difference of ideology became the obstacle factor movement of the student in bringing about this orientation. PMII with GMNI, PMKRI, etc, was involved in carrying rumours of the nationality.

In the meantime, General Chairman Gerakan of the Student of Kristen Indonesia (GMKI) Goklas Nababan said, if country’s situation was crucial like happened during 1998 and 1974, collective movement student will be built.

At this time, the country’s situation was still good.

“But, student continued to give criticism for government about various issues,” he said yesterday.

Goklas considered, student movement not only demonstration on the street. But, could with dialogue and carried out survey to know society reality.

GMKI united the Kebangsaan Forum for the Indonesian Young Man (FKPI) with PMII, PMKRI, GMNI, KHMDI, and HIKMABUDHI.

Presidium Unity of the Student Hindu Dharma Indonesia (KMHDI), Wayan Sudane said, student movement must not collide with the government.

According to him, student movement could descend to community’s environment to find riil society problem. Afterwards could be recommended to the government.

”Not should collide with the government, it is situational. We also often saw and descended directly to community to know riil problem that was dealt with by the community, afterwards results could become the recommendation for government ,” Wayan said yesterday.

According to him, the model approach strategic to make collective movement of the student did not yet succeed founded common enemy.

Wayan added, student movement could be also developed to format public opinion, discussions and the attitude statement together.

”Collective student movement not only action on the street like happened during 1998. But, will emerge if country condition really critist,” he said.


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