Witness and Victims waiting
protection action!

The Law of Republic of Indonesia No 13/2006 about Witness and Victims protection ratified by the People’s Representative Council (DPR) on August 2006. That regulation entrusted to format institution for protection witness and casualties.

President of Republic Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono aslo has been issued the Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No.13/2007 about composition committee of selection, implementation selection manners and the candidate of election member Agency.
Perpres also entrusted if committee selection must announce acceptance for members LPSK (Lembaga Perlindungan Saksi dan Korban). The members that institution must be formed for 14 days since selection committee formated.

But, until now, commitee of selection consisted by Harkristuti Harkrisnowo (Chairman), Abdul Wahid (Vice Chairman) and several members such as Indriyanto Senoadji, Teten Masduki dan Rita Serena Kalibonso, didn’t yet organized recrutment process members institution of protection witness and casualties.

Whereas, according The Law of Republic of Indonesia No 13/2006, LPSK must has undertaken task coming August 11 2007, or one year since protection regulation witness and casualties enacted.

The chairman of selection committee to recrut candidate for LPSK members, Harkistuti Harkrisnowo beforehand said, candidate selection will through four stages.

She said, the first, administrative selection that results will be announced on May 14 2007. Afterwards, committee will consider paper of member’s candidate that results will be announced on June 7 2006. After that, the committee will also spread out the interview, involved public from 25-27 June 2007.

Selection committee also will chose 21 candidate whose will sent to President. After that, President will enactive 14 candidate from 21 candidate whose proposed. And then, refined until seven members by DPR to be institution for protection witness and casualties members.

But, schedule was plan by commitee until noe no didn’t organized recruitment.
Lukman Hakim Saefuddin, the People’s representative council member legal field, regretted if selection delayed.

According to him, in provisions the Law of Republic of Indonesia No 13/2006, one year since being enacted, LPSK has do assignment. However, he considered, didn’t see procession recrutment was spread out by committee.

”We were regretted so slow processing selection committee to recrut LPSK members,” he said yesterday. Slowly process also can be determination processing selection LPSK member I People’s Representative Council. That is showed disobedient regulations,” said politicians from the United Development Party (PPP).

Indriyanto Senoadji rejected recrutment be delay because Perpres descended in March 2007. Committee also get problem about financial.”Funding must get agreement from the Department of Finance.

It was not yet descending, while time has been very urgent,” he said yesterday. Indriyanto urged government must give financial immediately to selection process. “If not, selection process will be hindered.”

He added, eventually appointment also must carry out coordination and will ask for get input from The Eradication Commission of corruption (KPK), The attorney general’s office, and Republic of Indonesia State Police.

Process recrutment also involved non government organization. Anything reason, said Lukman, delay proved is fact, selection committee not serious in pushing to format of the LPSK membership.

”Did not have reason, moreover about fund reason. That could not be accepted in a reason manner. How could it be the government didn’t have fund.”

LPSK is very important for law enforcement in Indonesia. Efforts to express difficult crime more could be easy expressed from witnesses and casualties report.

Because themselves get protection from danger threatened them. ”LPSK is very potential as law enforment in Indonesia,” clear Indriyanto.

LPSK will become foremost gun to oppose apparatus efforts to combat corruption and express violation of difficult human rights.

In operational, said Indriyanto, LPSK must coordinate with police, the attorney general’s office, KPK, the government and non government in order to have protection law to them as whistle blower.

The Law of Republic of Indonesia No 13/2006 stressed, a witness and entitled casualties received protection on personal security, family, property, as well as free from threat in connection with testimony that would, while, or was given by him.

Witness, casualties, and the rapporteur, could not be prosecuted legally both criminal from them report, testimony that would, while, or was given by him. Witness and casualties who felt themselves very big threat, on the judge’s agreement could, give testimony without being directly present at place court of this case checked.

The witness and casualties also had right to know if accused was released, received new identity, got new place of residence, received legal advice, and help of the temporary cost for live until protection deadline ended.

Casualties had compensation right on case of heavy human rights, as well as the right restitution or compensation that became the perpetrators’s responsibility of the criminal act, as well as medical help and rehabilitation psycho and social.

Indriyanto expected, people who be LPSK members, must really and commitment in law enforcement, experienced in investigation. In near future, LPSK was still being most central in Jakarta. ”But, slowly through Kepres could be developed in the region area, because very important to law enforcement effort.

Beforehand, several non-governmental organizations will carry out guarding selection membership LPSK process. They will give input for selection committee concerning the criteria and process of selection will be carried out additional candidate and more active took part in encouraging and catching people who were potential to join the process.

They also carried out investigation recorded tracks against candidates who will join in selection process, and monitoring process. They expected, selection process can be recrut clean, integrity, and quality members.


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