Poso-Tentena Began The New Era

TENTENA and Poso, Middle Sulawesi, had story bad. For several last years, religion conflict happened in Tentena and Poso. So many victims. We could not counted total loss as consequence from religion conflict happened in Tentena and Poso. Conflict just made sadness resident.

Now, Tentena and Poso would moved from destruction. Two different communities (Muslim and Christian) agreed made peace agreement. They would have began new era.

“Now, Tentena-Poso have been conducive. The regional government develop economy society,” said Vice Regent Poso Abdul Muthalib Rimi last Friday (5/5). In Poso-Tentena, he continued, no more religious sentiment, but just personally sentiment.

The regional government would rebuild development program to push economics society. After the end of religion conflict, all stakeholder rebuild Poso and Tentena. They would tryed to build potential sectors such as agriculture, plantation and fisheries, and tourism.

“But, infrastructure proponent has broke such as irrigation, and many gardens wasn’t arranged.”

The Head of Sinode Gereja Christian Middle Sulawesi Renaldy Damanik said, Poso-Tentena has been improving.

”Anywhere in Poso Tentena territory no problem again. After Malino Agreement, didn’t happen group collision again. For example, sniper’s action and bomb terror can not made community conflict again.”

Another case example is firing Secretary Tentena Church case several last years. ”It raised emotional. But just individual emotional. No provoke occurrence communal conflict,” said Social Analist Tadulako University, Christian Tindjabate.

The resident apparently didn’t provoked for mutual scuffles. They proven by existence efforts from several sides, to make communal conflict.

Generally situation in Poso-Tentena has been improv. But, Christian worry if latent conflict can be manifest conflict for next time.

Therefore, he said, social program must be touch social integrity. Christian explained, social program must concern to raise nation value to strengthen social integrity. Transformation must involve religious figure, public figure, woman figure, military, Republic of Indonesia State Police, and several volunteers amount NGO to develop peace in level of the grass root by involving two different communities so as to eliminate territory different claim.

“In level elite, must continue to carried out sharing politics to create politic stability. In level of grass root, must be form by make forums that could unite customs and traditions of resident’s community in Poso-Tentena.

According to him, Melino reconciliation was entry point to solve Poso-Tentena conflict.

But, Demanik stressed, to complete Poso-Tentena conflict must handle of casualties more important. In evacuation area, Demanik claimed, many problem found.

Many Casualties didn’t have house. In evacuation region, they only joined with resident’s private property around. “It must become priority. What meaning building like university if disturbance casualties not yet overcome. What meaning building the religious duties house, if people still poor.”

According the GKST note, total refugees’s casualties who not yet handled at this time reached 700 of Family. The regional government not response. The regional government didn’t emphasised to handle casualties problem.

In fact, aid fund flowed in Poso-Tentena from social refugees conflict casualties who happened several last year.

Chairman of Community the Young Man Al-Khairaat (HPA) Ibrahim Ismail said, many refugees who were focussed based on his community up to now.

“Cristiani that earlier lived in Poso, that chose Tentena, could return Poso together in a muslim manner again to built Poso. Muslim group in Poso has been openly,” he said.

Nevertheless, Ibrahim added, several places like Gebang Rejo wasn’t occupied again by refugees because they felt as minority. And then, ex- Lombogia, recources Village conflict fluctuated preceeded youth dispute that afterwards spread to social conflict, until now still empty. Region was leave, image as place of slaughter and the dispute different religion commuity. “The region must be immediately repaired.”

According to Ibrahim, social interaction inter-group has improved. However, still was group could not communicate, especially from casualties. “If not get effective psychology approach, could become disturbance trigger.”

As far as Ibrahim concerned, psychology approach that carried out by government and NGO very situational and weren’t continuous.

Ibrahimi also pressed, giving to requirement for foundation of community.

The government also must attention about existence of islamic boarding school that up to now still activity. ”But, so many limitations. So, I hope must be apart from all development program in Poso and Tentena.

M. Yamin Panca Setia


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