State Agency Logistic must absorb farmer’s rice

State Agency Logistic must absorb farmer's rice

INDONESIAN farmer could be happy after the Indonesian government increased government purchase price (HPP) for dry unhulled harvest rice and rice by President Instruction (Inpres) No. 3/2007.

For unhulled rice, government increased price from Rp1.730 for one kilogram to be Rp2.000 for one kilogram. HPP the rice from Rp3.550 for one kilogram to Rp4.000 for one kilogram. That policy could farmer’s Indonesian income be increase.

However, several circles considered, increased price can not help farmer’s economics improvement if being not matched by government efforts to push State Logistics Agency more consistent to make that food endurance institution could absorb rice and farmer’s unhulled rice maximally.

Suswono, Vice Chairman Commission IV People’s Representative Council for agricultural and Plantation field considered, with this HPP rise, government must consistent make increased absorption of unhulled rice and the farmer’s rice volume for reserve government rice or for stock rice for poor people.

Suswono considered, State Logistics Agency achievement must be supervised so that insititution arbitrarily did not absorb unhulled rice and the farmer’s rice.

Until now, he said, Bulog can not maximal absorbed unhulled rice and the rice because always justified farmer price more expensive with HPP. ”Although, especially factor only State Logistics Agency laziness in absorbing unhulled rice and the direct rice from the farmer. Bulog only relied with his partner such as businessman and broker who sought a profit.

Bulog laziness in absorbing rice and farmer’s unhulled rice also caused the Unit and the Rice of the Unhulled Rice Management (UPGB) inactive.

According to him, from 120 UPGB, it was active only 10 percent.

Bulog didn’t interest bought unhulled rice and farmer’s rice because too much provit oriented, and constructively fatner with several businessmen and broker.

So, Suswono gaze at, task force that was responsible in the field must really could supervise process of absorption rice and unhulled rice in level of farmer.

He also suggested, State Logistics Agency construction task forces co-operated with several farmer’s groups.

Himself got information if farmer still confusion in selling unhulled rice and the rice to State Logistics Agency.

Therefore, he suggested that socialisation about mechanism of absorption of unhulled rice and the rice through the Task Force immediately was carried out, so farmer could know mechanism of absorption rice and unhulled rice.

State Logistics Agency planned to unload 4.500 task forces to be involved in absorption unhulled rice and farmer’s rice.

However, said Suswono, if compared with wide range, the number of task forces not really to cover all farm area.

”That could not be completed if State Logistics Agency and task force, cooperated with the farmer’s groups he said.

In meantime, Henry Saragih, Secretary General Federasi of the Union of Indonesian Farmer said, the government must review role and State Logistics Agency function.

The State Logistics Agency status as Public Company must be returned again as institution food support that was under the Department of Agriculture.

According to Him, State Logistics Agency must leave his function as organization of trade.

”If orientation as trader, for normal Sounding Lead. The function of the Sounding Lead differed from the function for food support,” he said yesterday.

For anticipation speculators’s delinquency, Henry suggested, government must empower existence of cooperative in farmer level during purchase of unhulled rice and the rice that done by State Logistics Agency.

”Now, cooperative didn’t again.

KUD no longer functions. At this time, government did not yet build several cooperatives.

Therefore, State Logistics Agency still buying unhulled rice with his partners like businessman and Tengkulak,” Henry said.

He added, the government must also repair that institution responsible in distributing fertiliser to farmer in order to avoids scarcity of fertiliser that caused his price to be expensive.

In distribution of fertiliser, government only involved several businessmen. Farmer also have limited access.

The HPP matter that was determined by the government, Henry considered, HPP that was new, did not like that push welfare of the farmer.

To appoint HPP, the government ought to consider the high production cost, and the exchange rate of the low farmer.

FSPI personally proposed the price of the foundation of beneficial unhulled rice the farmer as big as RpRp2.500, now the rice Rp4.500.

This proposal is based on the rise in the production cost of rice now that reached 30 percent.

Therefore, the HPP Rise unhulled rice and this rice was not followed with the price increase of production means like fertiliser and the agricultural medicine to the farmers could menimkmati this HPP price increase.

General Chairman Farmer and Fisherman Contac (KTNA) Winarno Tohir said, since becoming the Sounding Lead, State Logistics Agency no longer plays a role as institution that maintained food endurance but, tended to become business company that did not take sides with farmer.

State Logistics Agency could not absorb farmer’s rice with price reasonable to fulfil requirement for national food.

State Logistics Agency did not buy farmer’s rice if being not in accordance with stock that was maintained by government.In fact, purchase of farmer’s rice could maximal was carried out by State Logistics Agency, if this institution was not oriented towards the profit. ” State Logistics Agency only bought rice accordance with target, and to guard stock that is 35o thousand ton, and rice for poor people totalling 1 million ton.

In fact, Bulog could bought maximal the rice petani,” he said.

The Managing Director of State Logistics Agency Mustapa Abu Bakar said, will pour out fund as big as Rp4 trillion to carry out absorption of farmer’s unhulled rice for the harvest season April-May 2007.

Source of funding came from APBN and the bank’s credit like the BRI Bank, the Bukopin Bank and Independent Bank.

In January-March 2007 period, State Logistics Agency dismissed budget until Rp1,4 trilun with to reserve target farmer’s unhulled rice totalling 390 thousand ton.

“For the stage April-May will improve again Rp4 trillion.”

Hoped for by us from the absorption target 1,5 million ton this year could be absorbed 900 thousand ton in the first harvest season, he said yesterday (2/4).

Abubakar also said, immediately will announce his partners who were selected in order to failure of absorption not happen again as a result of the farmer’s ignorance distributed unhulled rice and his rice. ”Fpartner must bonafide.

I have instructed all kadivre to make an announcement to partners in order to carry out the co-operation to the farmer’s group and the mill, he said.

Moreover, his side also ask for kadivre to make estimate absorption of farmer’s unhulled rice with the long prognosis totalling 1,5 million ton.

About mechanism of absorption farmer’s unhulled rice by the partner State Logistics Agency, he said, this partner will buy direct from farmer.

Despite, he continued, his side was ready to accept the sale of the farmer’s rice directly in the Bulog warehouse.

The Director Operational State Logistics Agency Bambang Prasetyo added, in every time subdivre number partners reached 80-100. Cooperation will continue to be continued besides opening the new registration with his condition for the category of the partner A was what was have the mechanical dryer. For B category, must have mechanical dryer and C category had floor put in sun to dry.

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