Need political Urging from President

Yusril, Hamid and Tommy’s Account in (BNP) Paribas

Need political Urging from President

SEVERAL circles expected, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono gives political urging for the Great Attorney General and the Eradication Commission of Corruption (KPK) to check Minister of State secretary Yusril Ihza Mahendra and Minister of Justice and

Human Rights Hamid Awalludin, whose related to appearance liquefaction recommendation for Tommy’s money through Department of Justice account.

Used of government account for individual interests considered as abuse of power. That also could become bad precedent for eradication efforts of corruption in this country.

The chairman Foundation of Indonesian Legal Aid Service (YLBHI) Patra M. Zein said, President should respond this case by giving permission or ordering to the Great Attorney General and KPK to investigate his servant who was expected abuse of power.

According to him, the Great Attorney General and KPK not only focus in rescue money Tommy’s efforts, that predicited from corrouptions as big as 10 million US dollar and 36 million euro kept in Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) Paribas London in 2004.

However, that institutions also must investigate abuse of power was carried out by two ministers.

Beforehand, Vice President M. Jusuf Kalla said, based on note and report that were gotten Tommy’s money save in PNB Paribas not involved anything case. But, Patra considered, Vice President carried out error. According to him, Vice President as part executive, not yudikatif so can’t decide of the law.

”Check previously by the Attorney General and KPK in order to proves Vice President’s statement. Without response from President and Vice President, this case apparently difficult handled by KPK.

Hamid was involved in corrouptions KPU case unclear handling until now. President and the Vice President must show to community that everyone same in front of the law. If being SP3, that was other the matter. The person who was checked that not necessarily wrong,” he said.

Patra added, the President deactivated the two ministers beforehand. And will be more respected if Yusril and Hamid withdrew although just corruption indicate like overseas.

Although being not yet gotten by legal proof that concluded the cabinet’s member carried out corruption, was gotten by enough indications of the violation of the collision interests.

Minister Yusril also tried to intervence independence investigator’s KPK in carrying out his task production of the examination machine of the finger for the General Election case.

Indonesia at least learned from Banglades in combatting corruption. Under temporary government leadership, Banglades Government controlled by Fakhruddin Ahmed, the predicated country most corrupt in the world according to Transparency International (TI) made a blow.

Since the country was stated in the state of emergency on January 11 2007, several former the official whose indicated incessant corruption was carried out.

Former Communications Minister Nazmul Huda, former Home Minister Mohammed Nasim, former the Zia Salahuddin Quader Chowdury adviser of the government’s parliament, an amount former the regional head of government, and former the son of the cabinet’s Zia minister for finance, Naser Merciful, was arrested by military forces.

The capture was the point of departure for corruption eradication towards the general election must free from corruption in Banglades. Almost every day, formers official or foremost leading figure who was arrested on charges of corruption.

The general election regulation also forbade whoever was proven against the law to join the general election, to forbid corrupt politicians be nominate themselves, and to seize their wealth if being proven to be guilty.

The temporary Banglades government then ratified the UN Convention about the Eradication of Corruption and asked for the Chairman of the no corruption Commission and the official other retreated because of failing to combat corruption.

According to him, there were three elements must be investigated in this case. Must began with use account of the department to be in charge for the individual, investigation must be carried out in order to proves to enter corruption or the money washing.

Afterwards, carried out the data inspection from PPATK break wrong or not for them who was suspected. ”So, President must give political urging to the upholder’s apparatus of the law to investigate this case. If strong indication indeed, Yusril and Hamid must be no active,” he stressed.

Adnan Topan Husodo, Coordinator of the Department Public’s Information Indonesian

Corruption Watch (ICW) warned, the Great Attorney General and KPK might not underestimate matter of liquefaction recommendation of Tommy’s fund that used account of the Department of Justice.

In this case, said Adnan, knew if part in internal the government that secretly helped liquefaction of money for Tommy’s personal interests through account of department.

”That (the liquefaction through the account of the department, red) is rule violated.

But, investigation of Yusril-Hamid, did not become big rumours. Ought to become big rumours because, tedency authority corruption existence and big in this case.

So, not only in law process must be pushed, but President must give political sanctions to Yusril and Hamid,” he stressed yesterday (26/3).

Adnan considered, account government used for personal interests is irony for government. Moreover, government was tried to return public funds. That it was suspected came from widespread corruption overseas. ”Because that, sides that abused his authority no longer need to be given by the opportunity to manage this country.”

Adnan supported the intervention lawsuit in the Guernsey Court as the form recovery money for the country.

The Great Attorney General intervention carried out in lawsuit between PBN Paribas and Tommy, takes place must be appreciated. Because government consern and saw had gap so this fund does not fall to Tommy’s hands. However, Adnan considered, used of account government for personal interests is mistake.

He also proposed that KPK should be more initiative to check so can know corruption practice were carried out by Yusril and Hamid that helped diluted Tommy’s fund.

Adnan considered, authority owned by the Department of Law and human rights not to explanation of the status law. This authority could be only dismissed by the Attorney General’s Office, police and KPK.

Yusril beforehand acknowledged if himself learned the Department was led by him at that time gave help for Tommy Soeharto in diluting his fund in BNP Paribas London as big as 10 million US dollar.

However, he said, at that time, Paribas asked whether money was criminal or not.

His side also has checked to PPATK looking for knew whether fund indeed one investigation of corruption in Kejakgung or not.

According to Yusril, at that time, Tommy was indeed litigating but he assumption as murder, not corruption case.

Hamid said, account of the Department of Law and human rights used

to transfer money for Tommy Soeharto from BNP Paribas London, wasn’t problem and in accordance with procedure because was lawful money.

Used account Department were carried out because according the law that was valid in England the return of money like that must through Minister’s account the Law.

However, the Main Auditor BPK Soekoyo said, used of government account in Tommy case is wrong because disrupting of the management country’s finance. According to him, Tommy’s money did not yet become country’s money.

”If entered the account of the government, must be appointed first as money for the country, said Soekoyo. He added, account of government made special to accommodate money for country.

When Tommy’s money was bundled into account of government or official, that kept money for country will cause disorder.

The Chief of Attorney General, Abdul Rahman Saleh claimed, his side did not yet carry out investigation of chronology liquefaction fund 10 million US dollar from Paribas London.

The attorney general still concentrating to rescue country’s finance through intervention lawsuit in the Guernsey Court. That institution also still waiting for results of report from Centre and Analysis financial Transaction (PPATK). “If indeed had report certainly will be studied by us,” said he last week.

From PPATK report, he continued, the Attorney General will be known by Tommy’s data of the current of the money fund so as in a manner this case logic could going.

He added, this case could more expressed, in continuation of meeting by intervention lawsuit in Guernsey that was scheduled to be spread out on March 30, on April 27 and coming on May 14, because accused and plaintiffs received opportunity to express their respective proposition and carry out cross-checked against witness and proof.

Photo: Tempo/Jurnal Nasional


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