The Network of Humankind Trade Exposed

Network of Humankind Trade exposed

ON last Wednesday (21/3), the Police of Taiwan succeeded cought two criminal networks who involved trafficking case. The big boss whose name Shen Chan Chih leader of networks and distributor human trade, reportedly operated specially in Indonesia.

She evidently also a Indonesian woman who received Taiwanese citizenship as well as 50 network members. Including the man who pretended as victims husband.

Operated by several Taipei Police dan secuarity from Immigration office on 14 locate also succeded caught another woman trader boss from Taiwan.

They are Huang Shou-chen (42) and Wang Chin-mei (38).

According police, networks arranged the Indonesian young woman go to Taiwan with manipulation merriaged modus. After the syndicate human trader brought them to Taiwan, they leaved and forced to become slave.

”They will seized woman passport and forced worked for factory until 18 hours for one day, and handed over some their pays to smugglers on basis of the replacement and money for compensation from cost brought them in to Taiwan,” said Lai Ching-tzung from Keelung Police Office.

The Taipei Police also explain, Huang made institute for Indonesian woman training, so they already work in Taiwan.

But, The Government of Taiwan have applied the new rule reduced foreign workers, and Huang began to undertake new tactics in order to able to put Indonesian women into Taiwan, using by married Taiwanese men.

National Agency Police (NPA) said, to make more easy, Huang told lies to these young women. He said, they would get merried with a Taiwanese man.

But, after arrived in Taiwan, they were even made the slave with very cheap price.

Whereas Wang was assigned to arrange fate of the women upon arrival they in Taiwan.

As sending them to small industries, or restaurants.

Police said, almost all of women weren’t lucky, most of they moved hand until more three times because of his employers did not like their procedure.

Taiwanese Police said, that women were paid with the price 150 thousand through to 200 thousand dollar Hong Kong or around more Rp 10 million.

However, the fact is just a few that were received by these women, the rest of them were taken by his intermediaries.

Luciana, one of the victims, said, he did not know that deception because he held the luxurious marriage with his husband, Taiwanese, in Indonesia.

“But, after he carried me to Taiwan, he disappeared, and criminal network forced me to work in middle Taiwan factory,” he said in television.

”During six months, three times replaced my employer.

One of factory owners fact intentionally carried out sexual insulting against me with his pretext must carry out the medical inspection of me,” he said.

Taiwanese police also found two women from Vietnam that also same experience.

But they were convinced the amount certainly far more bigger.

They planned immediately to return the 35 young women from Indonesia with the government co-operation of the two countries.

Because at this time the only one that was wanted by them was immediately to come home they were their respective.

The Government of Republic Indonesia must serious handled that case by more increase bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other country in order to makes instrument of the joint agreement regulation to anticipation sale of humankind (trafficking).

The government apparently not more incessant pushed other country for together waged war on the crime trafficking.

Executive Director Migran Care, Anis Hidayah said, this case not the first time.

The similar case was not yet solved by even more amount.

This crime difficult to press because Indonesia have not special regulation about trafficking with other countrys.

”This case was impact because Indonesia did not have regulation for regional level and bilateral to eradicated trafficking,” he said yesterday (25/3). Anis urged the government to more pushed the bilateral and multilateral cooperation by offering several drafts about regulation to war trafficking to other country.

”Immediately must be thought of, the government should not be late so as this case could be pressed.”

Anis also suggested that Indonesia increased the Interpol cooperation in ASEAN level and to develope communication with other country pursue the syndicate trafficking in relevant country.

He added, the government must also more intensive to socialisation of UU Trafficking was ratified by the People’s Representative Council, especially to upholder of the law in the level of district area because most modus operandy this crime were found in the village, and casualties did not have information access.

According to him, the mode of the crime trafficking has been expressed in several forms.

In several mode countries trafficking differed.

In Taiwan, using mode by married order, Japan use mode of taking form of sending of the art envoy, and in Malaysia was the restaurant worker.

”but, majority of this case was not exposed.

Anis considered, indeed was difficult identified because needed tools.

”We just have UU Trafficking was ratified some time before, and still could not implementation immediately.

Ferry Adam Har, Director of the protection Indonesian citizen overseas, Foreign Affairs Department claimed if the Foreign Department did not yet report receive from Indonesian delegation in Taiwan about rescued by 35 young women from Indonesia that will employed as cheap labourer in Taiwan.

Ferry admitted do not yet knowing this case so as not yet follow-up to the Foreign Affairs Department.

”I did not know completely, and did not yet have information from delegation. It did not yet have the report to our,” he said yesterday.He precisely assessed this case that most knew was the Department of Manpower.

”For our citizen’s affair and the company that held the trade office that is person Departement of trade, that also there had the person of immigration. If the manpower affair, all the affairs from A to Z, the Department of Manpower was task.

The Foreign Affairs Department did not have his task. So, you contacted the Department of Manpower. I am worry be wrong to command because have not data. The Department of Manpower knew the matter itu,” he said.

According to Ferry, this case not smuggling because of the Indonesian woman carried to Taiwan by interbred.

”Afterwards his function was other, that it’s problem. Very difficult to detect. Not anything, I am not dodg please, but we had not gone along inside.

I also did not know how to recruit and procces,” he added.

Anis considered, necessarily the Foreign Affairs Department preceptive on this case.

Handling trafficking not only placed by one department, but must interdepartmental.

M.Yamin Panca Setia

Jurnal Nasional/TaipeiTimes

Photo: Tempo


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