Could Them Be The Prisoner?

Could Them Enter the prison?

THE Great Attorney General apparently be more serious to fight corruptions. On Thuesday, the legal institution entered State Logistics Agency Chief, Widjanarko Puspoyo in to the Cipinang Prison. The Great Attorney General made him be proven as suspect in an Rp 11 billion (US$1.19 million) procurement case involving cattle imports in 2001.

On Wednesday, March 21, The Great Attorney General checked again former Minister of BUMN Laksama Sukardi. He came back to the Round Building to continue clarification process was related sale of the giant’s two tankers (very large crude carrier/VLCC) as Pertamina Property.

Like Friday on March 16 ago, Laksamana who also former General Commisaris Pertamina went to institusi legal accompanied by his lawyer, Selestinus Gunman from the Team of Defence Counsel Indonesian Democracy (TPDI). He also accompanied by several personnel from the Red Line White (BMP).

Laksamana said, he came to the Great Attorney General because had related next clarification on Friday last week didn’t not yet and scheduled be continued on Wednesday.

On the first clarification, Laksamana checked for three hours by the Special Criminal investigating the Great Attorney General team.

Laksamana said, sale two tankers has on procedure is from the management’s proposal commissioner until being in a meeting the public of shareholders (RUPS). He added, sale ship precisely give benefitted Pertamina as big as 53 million US dollar.

Sale of two tanker units by PT Pertamina initially case was investigated by the Eradication Commission of Corruption (KPK) and the III Commission Working Meeting with KPK last January 22 was reported.

But, the institution lead by Taufiequrrachman Ruki did not yet succeed proved existence of country’s loss. In this case, KPK assumption was corruption because of market price lack or standard that was natural from the VLCC tanker.

Biside that still could not prove the country’s loss, and KPK still could not also prove existence of element enriched itself in sale of tanker case. Case of sale ship case was thought contained corruption had investigated by KPK since 2004. But, until now still been increased to investigation stage.

Later, the Commission of III People’s Representative Council, urged the Great Attorney General Office to carry out the good legal action and criminal in connection with sale two units the giant’s tanker by PT Pertamina case.

The III commission also asked the Great Attorney General’s Office coordinated by the Eradication Commission of Corruption (KPK) to carry out investigation against former Commissioner Utama PT Pertamina. At the same time, former Meneg BUMN it was suspected was involved in the case of the VLCC Pertamina sale.

Laksamana predicted him case was politicisation in handling sale of the giant’s tanker case. “I Think has politisication if involved DPR. DPR isn’t look true is the frist, buat competed strong, and most voice. Let to see, human rights case was not carried to the Plenary Meeting, this case (the case of VLCC-Red) was brought,” Laksamana answered reporters question concerning politicisation of the VLCC case.

The Great Attorney General also called Managing Director PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) Eddie Widiono on Thursday for two hours. Investigation team checked administration document assumption corruption case PLTGU Borang, South Sumatra.”For administration, it handed over by the police investigator to the Attorney General’s Office,” said Maqdir Ismail, the lawyer Eddie answered.

Maqdir said, the addition bundle was handed over studied by the Attorney General’s Office side and determination of status of the complete bundle or P21 was the authority of the Attorney General’s Office.

When journalist ask him, what is for two hours in the Round building, Eddie underwent inspection again, Maqdir answered, his client was not checked or questioned again by the Attorney General’s Office.

“There was no question, more in the task of administration,” he said.

Eddie that put on the shirt chocolate batik was wrapped the blue jacket dark that calm appearance was accompanied by his legal counsel. He claimed will return to office for work immediately after from the Great Attorney General’s Office.

The managing director PLN left the Great Attorney General’s Office with Innova deer the black colour with the number of B police 8239 TU.

Case of procurement corruption of turbine for PLTGU Borang, South Sumatra, around POUND 2004 in Palembang that was talked about caused a loss to the country As big as Rp122 billion that dragged the management as well as the PLN counterpart to the suspect.

The first bundle for three suspects that is Ali Herman Ibrahim (former Director Pembangkit and Primary Energy), Agus Darnadi (former the Deputy the Generator and Primary Energy) as well as private enterprise’s side (the counterpart) that is Johanes Kennedy Aritonang (Director PT Guna Cipta Mandiri), whereas the second bundle on behalf of the Managing Director PLN Eddie Widiono.

Four of them could undergo the detention period, but three first suspects were postponed by detention when the bundle was taken over by the Attorney General’s Office or the status P22, whereas Eddie that could undergo the detention while 120 days were from May 3 2006 released in order to the law because of the investigator police did not yet succeed in completing the dossier.

Dossier of PLTGU Borang corruption repeatedly returned from police to the Attorney General’s Office because shortage completeness.

The attorney general’s office gave the guidance that was needed to clarify this case that information from John David McDonald, the Australian citizen who knew about this project. McDonald is seller of turbine that was bought by PLN through Aritonang and Darmadi.

photo: TEMPO


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