Widjanarko Be Prisoner Cipinang’s Jail

Widjanarko be prisoner Cipinang Prison

Finally, State Logistics Agency Chief, Widjanarko Puspoyo entered in the Cipinang Prison by the Great Attorney General. Beforehand, he believed The Great Attorney General didn’t threw him to prison. Widjanarko was proven as suspect in an Rp 11 billion (US$1.19 million) procurement case involving cattle imports in 2001.

After checked around 11 hours, the investigator Great Attorney General’s on Tuesday night was kept him to prison.

His face seen pale when he went outside from Attorney General inspection room at 20.05.

When he flanked towards resistance

car Toyota green colour deer Police number B 8282 ER, he guarded by Kejagung security. He also accompanied by investigator’s public prosecutor towards the Cipinang Prison.

Journalists didn’t get statement after intercepted before him entered resistance car. Widjanarko did not give statement. He silent. But, his expression implied tension and pale.

The Attorney General investigator had several reasons so they were direct kept Widjanarko.

“It was most important, for isn’t cause discrimination against with other suspect,” said Director Investigator Attorney General Mohamad Healthy.

The Attorney General Investigator also reasons if detention, for eliminated material evidence, affected other witness, and for inspection more focus.

Executive Task Deputy The Attorney General, Special Criminal Field, Hendarman Supandji sent similar information. He said, detention was carried out because investigator has seen several criminal acts that have been carried out by the suspect.

Hendarman concluded, detention based on subjective and objective reason. “Its objective because could have been kept. If subjective not escape, not eliminate material evidence, and not repeat an action,” he said.

Prison Cipinang chosed as detention place. Widjanarko live in LP Cipinang with five officials and former the official State Logistics Agency that beforehand was kept.

Hendarman said, from inspection during 11 hours, investigator put forward 32 questions and focus in procurement import cattle. Many questions did’t not answered by Widjanarko. But witnesses gave the answer.

In the meantime, Mustafa Abu Bakar appointed be Managing Director The State Logistics Agency. He replaced Widjanarko based KEP-22/MBU/2007 on March 21 2007—whose publish Minister of BUMN.

Widjanarko Puspoyo as Managing Director and Tito Pranolo as Director Marketing and Technological Information official was dismissed.

Dismissal also carried out against the Chairman of supervisory Council Bulog MP Simatupang and his three members, they are Rachmat Pambudy, Sudar SA and Anshari Ritonga.

The official Bulog that was stopped being the official who was appointed during 2003, when Bulog changed the status from LPND (the Agency of the Government of the Non- Department) became the Public Company.

Membership composition of Management Bulog Sounding Lead that just to as follows, Bambang Prasetyo as Character Director Operational, Saean Achmadi as Director Financial, and Agus Syaifullah as Director Human Recourse.

In meantime, position Director of Development and technological Information that beforehand were held by Tito Pranolo was not yet determined by his replacement.

In the meantime, the supervisory Council was just held by Sulatin Umar (also held the office of the Special Staff the Home Minister) as the Chairman, and three members who consisted Bayu Krisnamurthi (from The Ministry of Coordinator Economy), Ardiansyah Parman (the Department of Trade), Kaman Nainggolan (the Department of Agriculture) and the Guide Djajanto (the Ministry of BUMN Country).

The replacement of the supervisory Council and Management Bulog was said by State Minister for State Enterprises Sugiharto.

Minister of Economic Coordinator Boediono hope Mustafa Abu Bakar and new top management another can make Bulog more productif. He wish new top management will not make mistake like former top management State Logistics Agency.

He also hope new top management can control rice prise be better, and be controller rice stock.

Photo: The Jakarta Post


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