Fight to Corruption!

Fight to Corruption!

CORRUPTION is one big problems in this country. Corruption made Indonesian to be poor. The Government Republic of Indonesia was try to fight corruption. But, didn’t not yet significant progress up to now.

Why? Apparatus efforts can’t get assets and dragging the hazy hoodlums in overseas is the fact. Several corruptors was escape in overseas still are enjoying until now. Moreover, they are free while spreading them business using money from corruption.

The President Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, made Coordination Team to fight corruption by Keputusan Presiden No.11/2005, on 2 May 2005. But, one of responsible team is dragging corruptors in overseas, did not yet success.

Hunter team was track twelve corruptors in Singapore , United State, Hongkong, Cina, and Australia. But, only identification total asset in overseas. They were predicted if total asset from corruption in overseas until Rp6-7 billion.

Of course, isn’t easy get success corroptors. Not only needed tactical skill looking for suspects. But, also must have smart in diplomacy.

One problem caught corruptors because several country such as Singapura–which one country transite fund area from corruptors, precisely protected corruptors.

Indonesia hopes Singapore can implementation the cooperation of the extradition agreement for handled transnational organized crime— especially fight to corrupt.

But, Singapore not agree to sign extradition agreement with Indonesia.

Indonesia and Singapore made plan to implementation extradition agreement since 30 years ago. That agreement is very important for Indonesia vecause can make more easier to caught corruptors in Singapore was save much money from corruption.

But,different for Singapura. The return of Indonesia corruptors assets saved in Singapore , can make negative effect for Singapore moneter stability.

A third of 50 thousand richest people in Singapore that had the wealth on 1 million US dollar from Indonesia . This value very significant for economics Singapore .

The government claim was carried out diplomacy efforts. Minister of Coordinating Politic, Law, and Security, Widodo AS said, an effort to return results of the crime of corruption to the homeland, the government will carry out several efforts.

That is ratifying ASEAN Regional Treaty ounce Mutual Assitance in Criminal Matters. Government also more intensive made relationship with several countries—which be place safe money from corruption, include country was famous as place for money laundering.

“Government need to appointed what is country must more priority immediately to compiled by the reciprocal legal agreement,” Widodo said.

If we talking using by quantity date, so much Indonesian money in kept in overseas bank. The international financial service company, Merrill Lynch and Capgemini at 2006 published survey if total asset 55.000 reachest in Singapore about US$260 billon Property of the Indonesian citizen. 18.000 Indonesian citizens who were domiciled at Singapore reached US$87 billion (around Rp800 trillion).

And then, so many Indonesian Citizen safe money’s in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Swiss, dan Caymand Island.

But, that Big fund flowed overseas came from corruption. For example, Bantuan Likuiditas Bank Indonesia (BLBI) case. About Rp138,4 triliun from total fund around Rp 144,5 triliun, and corruption BLBI fund was got 48 bank about Rp80,4 triliun, safe in Singapore .

The popular corroptors name like Samadikun, Sjamsul Nursalim, Agus Anwar and etc up to now still enjoying free life in Singpura. They are corruptors was stole Indonesian money. We also knew Maria Pauline Lumowa, suspect case of the BNI piercing around Rp1,2 triliun, did’t cough by apparaturs up to now.

Public also get new case if The Attorney General was froze Tommy Soeharto save money in Banque de Nationale Paris (BNP) and Paribas.

Do the government and the Attorney General handled all corrupt case? Or just hunting without results

I think, two strategy to cought corruptor in overseas. We can using by usually or extraordinary methode. The apparaturs can hunting using by assually, and the first must make extradition agreement with another country.

And also with help from Interpol country were be place corruptor hid.

However, this process will need a long time to achieve the agreement and often fail in implementation.

The team not only carried out diplomacy efforts or the bilateral co-operation.

But, certain condition could carry out intelligence efforts with took had or kidnapped and brought the perpetrators of corruption to Indonesia illegally.

The hunting was not only carried out against assets of the hoodlums but also must be carried out against sides that helped the hoodlum to escape.

At this time, the Attorney General’s Office was investigating money on behalf of Tommy Soeharto that was hidden in Banque de Nationale Paris (BNP) and Paribas with a value of 36 million euro or around Rp421 billion. The Indonesian government filed the intervention lawsuit against the case because of suspecting Tommy’s money of in BNP Paribas coming from the corruption activity.

The Chief Attorney General Republic of Indonesia, Abdul Rahman Saleh, said attorney currently prepares the additional proof. The Guernsey Court in the decision interrupted received the Indonesian government to become the intervention plaintiff in the case between BNP and Paribas and the Investment Garnet belonging to Tommy.

Millions of Indonesians waiting Attorney General to show concrete results of the eradication of corruption.

Apparatus could snare and seize assets of the hoodlums to be returned by the country’s treasury for welfare of the people.

Disappear Before being snared

Legal apparaturs did not yet prove his strength in catching the large-scale class hoodlums.

The Great attorney general’s office could just arrest the hoodlums who hid in the country. The hazy hoodlum overseas up to now unclear his handling.

Thabrani Ismail for example. The accused six prison years in the case of Export Oriented project corruption (Exor) I Balongan with a value of 189,58 million US dollar was arrested by the official of the Attorney General’s Office in Jakarta last February 14.

The capture was carried out when Tabrani came home from his office in the Noble Kuningan Building that be at a distance around 150 metre from the Special Capital District of Jakarta Provincial Prosecutor’s Office building.

Tabrani is former Director Exploration Pertamina.

In first level court was released by PN Jakarta the Centre because of considering to be unproven carried out corruption and damaged the country’s finance as big as 189,58 million dollar AS. At that time, the public prosecutor demanded the verdict 12 prison years for Tabrani

The Attorney General also succeeded arresting Dharmono K Lawi, the People’s Representative Council member who became suspect of corruption and the activity aid fund of the housing fund DPRD the Banten Province .

Dharmono arrested in his house in Bandung from the report on the community.

How abut the another hoodlum?

When the Attorney General’s Office as well as Republic of Indonesia State Police could drag Sudjiono Timan, the Echo of Edi Putranto, Lesmana Basuki, S Hartono, Sherny Kojongian, Hendro Bambang Sumantri, Eddy Djunaedi, Ede Utoyo, Tony Suherman, Bambang Sutrisno, Andrian Kiki Ariawan, Harry Matalata alias Hariram Rachmand Melwani, Nader Taher? So much money from Indonesia country was seized by them.

Sudjiono Timan, the Managing Director PT Bahana the Management of Indonesian on 1995-1997 was proven abused the authority through giving of the loan to the Festival of Company Inc US$ 67 million, Penta Invesmen Ltd US$ 19 million, KAFL US$ 34 million, and the loan fund of the Government (RDI) Rp98 billion.

As a result, the loss country around Rp 1.29 trillion. Sudjiono unclear where his existence.

Eko Edi Putranto, the perpetrators of the Bank’s BHS corruption are expected up to now still in Australia .

The child Hendra Rahardja was punished 20 years. He obligatory paid the fine as big as Rp30 million, as well as paid money change on his corruption as big as Rp1,9 trillion.

Eko with Director Credit Sherny Konjongian proven by corruption by means of giving the agreement to give credit to six company group and 28 fund agencies that only engineering, and not through the administrative procedure of credit in the year between 1992-1996.The reason for the fugitive,

Both of them were brought to court in absentia (without the presence of the defendant). On March 22, 2001, afterwards on November 8, 2002 when would execution, them existence not known. They went to Australia .

Hendra was punished the lifelong prison until dying in Australia still not could execution. Tony Suherman, Director Opersional PT SBU in between May 1994 and February 1998, sold valuable letters took the form of Commercial Paper (CP) and or the Note Term Medium (MTN), on the security of PT Hutama the Work.

However, sales revenue evidently was misused by putting him into the account of the Hutama Yala consortium into SBU Hayam Wuruk, that ought to be put into the account of PT Hutama the Work.

As a result, the country incurred a loss through to Rp209,3 billion and 105 million dollar AS. When would execution

on July 25, 2000 in accordance with the decision of PT Special Capital District, excistance him is not known up to now. Samadikun Hartono was decision of the Supreme Court’s (Mahkamah Agung) was sentenced the punishment 4 prison years. However, failed execution because disappear before being snared.

He hid overseas because beforehand had put forward visas and medicating permission to Japan.

David Nusa Wijaya it was suspected bolted overseas after learning himself was punished was guilty with the punishment 8 prison years by MA. himself hit money for the country as big as Rp1,29 trillion.

David it was suspected bolted to Singapore .

Bambang Sutrisno, former Utama PT Bank Surya Assistant Commissioner, and Adrian Kiki Ariawan, former the managing director of the Surya Bank was sentenced lifelong imprisonment by the Council Justice PN Central Jakarta

Up to now not yet clear was known by his existence. Both of them it was suspected bolted to Singapore when his case was investigated by Kejagung. Lesmana Basuki, the accused two prison years because of corruption in the sale of the valuable Commercial Paper letter belonging to PT Hutama the Work to 1994-1998. On July 2000, the supreme court sentenced itself two years and must pay compensation Rp15,3 billion. But, could no execution because he escaped.

Apart from them, apparatus must also arrest the large-scale hoodlum BLBI other like Sjamsul Nursalim, Skilled the Stock Exchange, Marimutu Sinivasan and Sukanto Tanoto, as well as the robber’s hoodlum the BNI Bank, of Maria Pauline Maria Pauline Lumowa.

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