Never Stop Fights to Drugs

The Primary School Student was Infected

Never Stop Levy War to Drugs

Syndicates distributor illegal drugs never loss ammunition. Moreover, they were more expansive distributed drugs to Indonesia young generation.

Consumer of illegal drugs in Indonesia year of year always increased. Now, Indonesia consumers until more than 4 million people.Omzet from business drugs also very fantastic until Rp12 trillion for one year. Moreover, could reach until Rp50 trillion if being increased at a cost of rehabilitation and the social impact.

Badan Narkotika Nasinal (BNN) also predicted, Indonesia loss in a manner the accumulation began 2004 could to 2009 reach Rp207 trillion if the circulation of illegal drugs if could not stopped.

Jakarta, Bali, East Java, Bandung and several other cities in Indonesia is wet land that continued to be wrought on by the distributors of illegal drugs.Jakarta placed the highest position. Jakarta as one of the biggest cities in South Asia—transit place and entry drugs like heroin, morphine, cocaine, sabu, and the medicine was dangerous other.

China, Afghanistan , Pakistan , Thailand , as well as several cities in Africa, as supplier of biggest illegal drugs to Indonesia. The syndicates will not stop expansion to adolescent until penetrating the primary school environment.

BNN was find about 800 primary school students in Jakarta ever use illegal drugs as long as 2006 until now. Maybe, even more because amount estimated only that succeeded in having data collected. That fact showed if illegal drugs touched primary school increased for five last years about 200 percent.

Illegal drugs also Attacked environment Junior High School reached 4. 000 student and Senior High School 11.000 student. Total of them reached until 15.800 students in Jakarta used illegal drugs. Isn’t tragic?

The International Program Eliminate Work to Child (IPEC) ILO Jakarta on mid last year also concluded from results of the rapid assessment, evidently Jakarta children were very susceptible involved in the production and the circulation of illegal drugs.

50 percent of the child who was interviewed by the ILO team in three Jakarta territories admitted to being involved in in the production of medicine being banned.

Dede Shinta Sudono, National Programme Officer IPEC ILO Jakarta said, from survey 92 children in East Jakarta, West Jakarta, and Center Jakarta, evidently had 48 children or 50 percent of them was involved in the production of medicine was banned.

Ironically, from 90 children that said sold medicine was banned, partly admitted that they began to sell medicine when stepping on age 13 years or less and still studying in the primary school.

This phenomenon in line with the critical age of the involvement of child in illegal trade drugs, namely 12-13 years during the circulation of marijuana and 13-15 years for the circulation of heroin. Medicine kind that was sold was marijuana that was the illegal drugs was received by children.

Children involved in activity illegal drugs circulating because of absolute poverty, friend’s pressure, problem family, role of port, as well as the problem that were dealt with in the school, including dropping out of school.

The head of BNN, Commissioner General Made Mangku Pastika compared, user illegal drugs in Indonesia at this time like the number of cigarettes addicts, because of spreading and becoming an epidemic.”But, we ara not surrender against the distributors of illegal drugs,” he said.

Since January-November 2006, BNN expressed 11.400 cases of illegal drugs. Case consisted 6.319 abuses of narcotics, 3.585 psychotropic, and 1.496 cases of the addictive material.

Suspects illegal drugs that were caught totalling 22.503 people, namely 22.457 Indonesian citizens, and 46 foreign citizens. Number of material evidences that succeeded in being seized including marijuana 9.888.994,72 gram, cocaine 149,20 gram, Heroin 4.042,34 gram, shabu 1.188.113,51 gram, and ekstasi 180.498.5 tablets.

Illegal drugs that cleared enters Indonesia generally was produced from overseas.

Shabu most were carried from China. A spell extacy, heroin, and the other psychotropic substance came from Europe. Marijuana produced from Indonesians.

Former Regional Police Chief Bali said, although up to now did not yet have date that show if frequency abuse of illegal drugs in Indonesia, but always increase. The height of the request so as the distributor by every means drugs to Indonesia.

“If could not through the port route, then could be dropped off in the middle sea, using by the small ship the fisherman, and we knew Indonesia really was open.

The entry 955 kg shabu-shabu last year for example, was not free from this mode.

Forbidden thing was brought from the big ship afterwards was unloaded via small ship the fisherman who afterwards was carried by him to the coast.

War on illegal drugs still could not be win with syndicates of the distributor of illegal drugs.

Aris Merdeka Sirait, Sekjen Komisi Nasional Perlindungan of child urged, BNN, police, the department of education, and the school side, must make and apply policy to maximal sterilised the student from illegal drugs.

According to him, findings BNN very significant, and maybe involvement of the student with illegal drugs was again bigger. Because much students ware use illegal drugs

“I was concerned about the findings tersebut,” he said. He said, the government must order to rehabilitate the student who became illegal drugs casualties.

Protection regulations of the Child the Article 59 said the government and the country’s other agency have an obligation and were responsible for giving the special protection to the child in the emergency situation, including the child whose victim drugs, abuse of narcotics, alcohol, psychotropic, and the substance adiktif Other. “Don’t made them as criminal, but as casualties, and the government must rehabilitate,” he stressed.

He also urged BNN in order to carry out campaign and action in basis that was exact that is in the school and in the house environment.

He considered, children and adolescent were the easy target that was aimed at by the syndicate.

Their ignorance would the impact of illegal drugs became opportunity for the ports in order to empower children to distributor.

Child did not know impact, but only considered smoked as a part of style an adolescent. ”In condition for psychology that was looking for identity, they were made use of by the syndicates to become the user, and distributor, ” Aris said.

Urged for government, BNN, the Department of Education and school side to make the rule that could maximally to clean school environment from illegal drugs. ”Itu must be preceeded by means of sterilising the school from cigarrate ,” he stressed.

He also expected parents and school side increase his role in anticipating circulation of illegal drugs. He warned that parents paid attention to his child consumed peppermints that contained illegal drugs. To school side, he expected that the inspection and the illegal drugs test to the student TK and Primary School it must continue again.

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